Caterquip industrial hoses and fittings
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Hose pipe

CaterQuip hoses are fully welded corrugated stainless steel catering gas hose assemblies manufactured to a high specification in order to meet the legal requirements of gas supply in catering appliances using first, second and third family gases.

Our hoses come with a quick-release valved couple which cuts off the gas supply when disconnected. This special coupler must be installed in accordance with BS6173-1990 standard for mobile catering units, with the restraining device supplied. The restraining device meets the required minimum tensile load specification as per BS 669 Part:2 1997.

  • Fully welded stainless steel hose
  • 100% pressure tested prior to despatch
  • Extremely flexible and durable
  • Hygienic wipe-clean wrinkle free the yellow PVC cover
  • Fully tested, approved and certified to BS669 Part 2: 1997
  • All assemblies supplied with a restraining kit
  • Premier Plus Option - Caterquip braided hose resists wear and tear that over time can stretch other hoses and cause failures

In addition to our Premier Range, we also offer a Heavy Duty CaterQuip Premier Plus range, which has a single layer of stainless steel 304L wire overbraiding for additional mechanical strength, supplied with a yellow PVC cover.

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